Hassi ready for Gotham City

A first time for me – shooting a medium format Hasselblad with waistlevel finder. And big luck to be able shot shoot it in Manhattan while here on a business trip. The camera is a 503cw, rented from Adorama Rental Company ARC in midtwon. I use it with A12 backs (3) and a 80 mm CFE lens, which is roughly the same as a 50 mm lens in 35 mm format.

The picture is left – right reversed, which takes some time to get used to (I turn the cam to the wrong side when recomposing). Shooting low downs is a breeze with this kind of finder. Metering is done with a separate lightmeter (Gossen digisix). Cool feature – the digisix gives you the Exposure Values as well. These are also on the 80 mm lens, so I can find the appropriate shitterspeed / aperture combos quickly :-)

Loading film in the A12 magaqzines is easy – once you know which mistakes to avoid. A youtube video (just search for loading film Hasselblad) helped a lot.

Put 5 rolls of film through (Kodak new Portra 400 and TRIX 400) the camera today while walking the Intrepid / Times Square / Flatiron and SoHo, will collect the developed and scanned film from Luster tomorrow evening.

Shooting a larger medium format camera like this is asthonishingly easy, handling etc. seemd quite easy for a beginner.

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