Shooting Travelphotography with a foldable Medium Format camera

This is an example of the first ten 120-format films I shot, self-developed and scanned. There is quite a lot to learn, so I am far from good at this.

An Ilford Delta 3200 ISO film was used for this shot of a street in Dresden in the evening, the Voigtländer Bessa III was my camera of choice. Besides giving you only 12 shots per roll of film, this camera is beautiful. The coupled rangefinder makes focussing easy, the central shutter (built into the lens) makes nearly no sound at all, and when it’s folded together, the camera is very portable on a vacation.

Due to the big film format, shots with shallow depth of field can easily be obtained, and I look forward to my future experiences with this rare film / camera combo.

Voitgländer Camera

Ilford Film

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