Self developing your BW film

First steps with developing film myself.

I got myself a meduim format foldable Rangefinder, the Voigtländer Bessa III 667 camera

from some money I got from selling gear on eBay. Full Copyright of the above picte (c) 2009 by chachahavana. Have a look at his outstanding Flickr stream.

This is one of my first takes with a roll of BW medium format film (120 Ilford FP4 plus ISO 125). The patient first subject was by beloved Great Dane Ayk.

So the subject and composition are typical for a first shoots with new camera, I guess. Will have to go along the learning curve for some time.

Film developed in Agfa Rodinal R09 One Shot. Quite some help on developing film yourself can be found here . . .

German with excellent tips, a real good guide for beginners

English on the Feeling Negative Blog with nice instructional videos and texts

Best prices, fast delivery and friendly phone contact for Germany I could find on the Internet was at If somebody knows an even better source in Germany, please leave a comment here.

Have a good time, Carsten

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