Brighton Streetphotography Workshop

The one day workshop in Brighton with well known Streetphotography blogger Eric Kim was a pleasure to visit. The participans varied from total beginner to experienced analog and digital shooter, from the age between 25 to 60 years, the gear from Bridge camera to Leica Rangefinder. Eric is very enthusiastic and it was a pleasure to meet him and his girl friend/manager Cindy. They came well prepared, and their approach showed clearly that they are experienced in the field of adult education.

Having read his blog for some time, there was nothing new for me in this workshop. But interacting with the other participants, walking the street sof Brighton together in small groups and exchanging experiences afterwards was really fun. Eric is full of energy to spread the word of streetphotography and always willing to help others to get rid of the ‘fear’ to shoot strangers. His approach is playful and encouraging, and as you can read in his blog, there are always new little things about this genre to be learned. Should you have the chance to visit a workshop with Eric, I can say that you will see that the time and money are well invested because he is a good networker and full of hints and information about streetphotography.

Brighton itself was a pure pleasure again, the weather being a good combo of wind and sun. Revisiting this city for the third time, taking an analog approach with Large and medium format gear, was different from last time where I went purely digital. Another first time was the use of infrared and red filters with the corresponding black & white films (Ilford SFX200 and efke IR820 Aura). Although I dislike lugging tripods around, I used one for the infrared shots that required long exposure times.

After scanning many films from my easter trip to Italy and the Brighton trip in may, I am looking forward to develop these Brighton shots in the coming weeks in Lightroom. Having seen several cool examples of red filter and infrared shots of the San Francisco bay (by raj3636) I am curios about the results of my first steps into this area of bw photography.

More to come, enjoy summer and go out shooting!


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  1. by Lisa

    Hi Carsten,
    Glad to read about the workshop as I have been looking forward to seeing your work and hearing about the workshop since we met in April. I really like the image above and the one you recently posted on Flickr. I would like to take one of Eric’s workshops too as I so enjoy the social aspects of photography. I would have signed to his Chicago workshop next week if I weren’t going to S.E. Asia next month. Do let me know when you plan a trip to NY.

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