This post is clearly off-topic on a Photography Blog. I wanted to let you know about the latest vehicle that we bought top replace out Golf GTI – a MY 2012 Land Rover Defender. We named it Hannibal because the first big trip next week will take us over the Alps (around Bardonecchia, Italy). Having traveled 10.000 km since February 2012, we enjoyed the slow way of driving.

The far-away places we visited so far were . . .

- Lands End (GB),

- Jänschwalde and Mammut Offroad Parks (GER),

- Còte d’Azur (FRA).

For the 4×4 geeks: The Defender is a special edition ‘Experience Bolivien’ version, including roof rack, snorkel, winch, Recaro seats and some other accessories. It has a 2.2 l Diesel engine (Euro 5) and a max. speed of 145 km/h (needing 17 sec. from 0 to 100 km/h). After two visits at a Land Rover tuning shop in Cologne, Hannibal now also has a roof tent (Magnolia), G4 roll bar, cruise control, anti-noise insulation, 230 V Inverter (2 kW Sinus), engine block heater, CB radio, suspension and spring modification, decent stereo and nav system, fridge etc.

Looking forward to visit places the 4×4 way (the Sahara and Iceland are on 2013 destination list), we will start packing tonight.

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