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Wedding and Portrait photographer Edward Olive’s photostream on flickr is really worth a visit. He often uses light in this great, classic Hollywood manner. His photos speak a unique language of light.

Together with other photographers, he started a project I want to point you to (text from the Flickr Photopage of the shown photo of Edward). . .


A collection of fine art photography featuring the work of Edward Olive and other artists.

More and more photographers are starting or returning to use film. There is a revival going on.
On our website we can see a growing interest in this now called “vintage” phenomenon of analogue (analog) photography.
We realize that analogue is not the right term and it should really be “photography that includes a chemical process”. However, this is a mouthful, so we stick with analogue.
We run the THIAPS website now for about 3 years and slowly we grew tired of looking at brilliant photography on a computer screen.
So let’s print it. It took us 6 months to create a short list of photographers who we wanted to ask for this project. We also came to the conclusion that one book would probably not be satisfactory, so we decided to go for a series of books. For some reason we thought that portraits would be the perfect theme for the first one. Other topics, like landscape’s, urban, street photography, nocturnal and more could follow.
And we call it the UNLIMITED GRAIN series.
So, now we have 120 pages with a wide variety of analogue photography from large format via 35mm to instant film.
I hope this book will inspire you and that more people will take an interest working with film and chemicals.


The Participants: Lauren E. Simonutti, Joshua Black Wilkins, Frans Peter Verheyen, Vittorio Colombi, Stephane Polteau, James Wigger, Steffo Weber, Maciek Lesniak, Urs Bernhard, Claudia Moroni, Carmen Palermo, Tanel Verk, Shannon Richardson, Alek Lindus, Tadas Kazakevicius, László Lejkó, Deborah Parkin, Ben Parks, Edoardo Pasero, Madlen Kirchner, Flavia Schaller, Tobias Feltus, Anna Chobotova, Milosz Wozaczynski, Tim Franco, Alexey Alexeev, Giancarlo Rado, Ocaña Fernández, Laurent Orseau, Vít Kocián, Daryan Dornelles, Piotr Biegaj, Kiarash Sadigh, Leo Tage-Hansen, Aleksandra Patova, Vladimir Longauer, Marina Romanova, Takala, Joshua Black Wilkins, Katsunori Yamaguchi, Oliver Weber, Rik Garrett, J.R. Ball, Philippe Mougin, Edward Olive, Christo Stankulov, Cole Emde, Jonas Mattsson, Saroyan Humphrey, Lambis Stratoudakis, Steve Korn, Caglar Tahiroglu, Yuichiro Miyano, Lars Daniel Terkelsen, Ben Rains, and Thomas Krauss

Explore analogue photography, as it exists today and what it will be tomorrow.

THIAPS, The International Analogue Photographic Society is a platform for photographers who love the tactile quality of film-based images, as well as enjoy the wet and warm smell of developers and fixative, with a strong belief that “Film is not dead it just smells funny.”
For those who create their photographs with 35mm, roll films, sheets and plates, with Polaroid or Liquid Light, with Large Format or any tool what so ever, as long as chemical processing is involved.

Photo ‘Light through door’ by Edward Olive (c)

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