amateurs worry about equipment,
professionals worry about money,
masters worry about light,
I just take pictures…

the details

Depending on the amount I am willing to carry around and the subjects I want to shoot, I choose from the following:

Large Format


Graflex Crown Graphic Rangefinder (4×5 inch)

A portable Large Format camera that
makes focussing easy due to its
Rangefinder mechanism.



Medium Format



Cheap Hasselblad replica, made in poor quality in Ukrainia.
Uses lenses with the Pentacon 6 mount –> this way
Carl Zeiss Jena lenses can be attached. Fully mechanical, it is easy to use.
In no way comparable to a Hasselblad in quality or reliability.



Pentacon 6 tl

Well built medium format SLR that uses Carl Zeiss Jena glass.
Nice, but the film transport mechanism is the Achilles heel of this camera.
I own a modified version that transports the film in a reliable way.



Hasselblad 205fcc

The best medium format 6×6 SLR camera system for film. Super robust and reliable,
easy to use, the 205fcc offers Aperture Priority, Bracketing and has
(quite unique for a Hasselblad) a built in shutter. This allows shorter shutter
speeds (1/2000th) and the use of the compact and fast F-lenses plus the electronic
filmbacks E-12 and E-24.


Plaubel Makina 67

A foldalble medium format camera that shoots the 6×7 format.
Fully manual with a built in lightmeter and rangefinder.
A cult camera.



Voigtländer Beassa III

A modern foldable medium format camera that can shoot
either in 6×6 or in 6×7 format. Very light, easy to use and
it has a aperature priority mode – nice!




Pentax 645N

A cheap and reliable 6×4.5 medium format camera with built in winder,
Autofocus and electronic metering. The plastic body is not top notch,
but the system offers great value for the money.




Contax 645

One the most modern analog medium format camera systems, this 6×4.5 camera
that was built by Kyocera and Carl Zeiss offers a combo of nice electronics and
superb glass. Overpriced but a pleasure to use.



Small Format


Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder

This analog rangefinder tops the quality and usability of a Leica M7 because of the
bright viewfinder, the larger rangefinder area and the superior film transportation
mechanism. Very good value for the money, accepts Leica M – mount glass.




Leica M

Gold standard in the rangefinder world, the Leica Ms are small,
discreet and offer a great range of lenses. Highly overpriced, big fun to use.
The M8.2 and the M9 are my choice for going digital in the city.




Nikon D700

Full frame high ISO DSLR that is still small enough to be acceptable
when walking the streets for hours. My camera of choice
for shooting at night or in the rain.






The one and only instant SLR camera in the Polaworld.
Easy to use, slim when folded down. Fun to use.




Polaroid 103

For peel apart film, a foldable Polaroid with rangefinder
technique that is surprisingly easy to use.





- Mac Pro, because it’s fast when working the scans.


- Lightroom



Nikon Coolscan 9000ED

For scanning small and medium format film, nothing beats this
machine when price is considered. Onyl topped by Hasselblad scanners.




The fast way for acceptable scans, the only way to go with large format film.





thinktank Retrospective 30 – the bag for a small medium format kit.

Tenba Laptop Messenger Bag (large) – my fav. bag for travel and street. For small and medium format equipment.